Buzz Responsibly

We envision a happy, healthy and safe world that values caring, social diversity, community, justice, equality, equity and education. Our mission is to make the world a better place by energizing a new generation of leaders, starting with children.

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Environmental Responsibility

The Earth needs us. We need the Earth.

Make The Earth Happy
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Personal Responsibility

Get ready to problem solve. School ROCKS when we are Ready to learn, On task, Clean, Kind, Safe.

Classroom Management
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Social Responsibility

The world needs love. Who's with us? BOT reminds us to Be Original Together.

Social Emotional Learning
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Make The World a Better Place

Buzz responsibly.

Youth Activism
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Licensing Opportunities
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Kristine Tsung is the Chief Creator of BuzzingBOTS, an award winning children's multimedia property. Winner of the business pitch competition in 2009, Kristine was interviewed on CBS TV where she showcased BuzzingBOTS. At the Santa Clara University Baby Boomer B-Plan Competition, her business plan targeted to boomer parents took the semi finalist position. In 2017, BuzzingBOTS was a top 8 finalist in PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center Students With Solutions contest. Kristine is a high honors graduate of UC Berkeley, and completed her Joint Teacher’s Credential with Masters in Education at San Jose State University. Her mission is to connect different interests to work towards a global future - to connect, inspire, integrate.